Located at 200 S. Geddes, Syracuse, NY.  (Corner of W. Fayette St. and S. Geddes St.)

Open now, 24/7 as long as there is chalk or till The Gear Factory gets new windows!

Chalk is currently in little plant holders sitting on the sidewalk along the wall and everyone is welcome to write on the wall!

There is also parking available across W. Fayette St. from the building.

The Gear Factory was inspired to build this 171 foot long Before I Die wall for people to publicly share their aspirations with the world.

Here’s the magic, a thought is just a thought, but there’s something special that happens when you get that thought out of your head and write it down.  Once you do that, hold on because it might actually happen quicker than you think!!

Nothing is impossible as long as you’re willing to work towards it.  Whatever you would like to do before you die _____________.  Just do at least one little tiny thing to get there every day, that someday may quickly become today.

Way, way, way, before I die………………….

I want to help make the best of what’s already around us.  I want to live in a City that’s so alive with so many interesting people, places, and things going on around me that I’ll be so inspired that I won’t be able to help myself from going out and doing something!!  That place for me is The City of Syracuse, the Near West Side of Syracuse, and The Gear Factory, they’re all doing good and getting better every day!

Rick Destito, Owner/Operator of The Gear Factory

More specifically, this wall went into labor on Monday the 21st of October at 6:32pm and was born 7-1/2 hours later at 2:02am.

I want to edit or delete this quote post.

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