Salvador, Brazil

We created last year in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil), a group whose objective is to save abandoned urban gardens by inviting people to plant, to paint, to make art and to turn the public space into a better place to be. The strenght of this group is the colective effort to take care of public areas.

It is inspired in “Before I Die Project” that we made together with “Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho Project”, on 2nd february — The Day of Iemanjá. This action asked people to write their dreams about the city. We had a great participation of families, children, old and young people that were celebrating Iemanjá in this special day. The result was a panel, which has been installed in a square located on Rio Vermelho neighborhood, side by side with the Sant’Anna church.

Canteiros Coletivos (in portuguese):

Bairro-Escola Rio Vermelho (in portuguese):

I want to .

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