Oregon, USA

As soon as Brian watch Candy Chang’s TED talk he immediately emailed his soon to be business partner Carlee Wright and they both agreed with great excitement that they must build a wall for their home town of Salem, Oregon. They started talks with the city and with the help of Rich Duncan Construction and a successful Kickstarter campaign they built a 8′ 8′ cube wall located inside of the Rotary Pavilion at the Riverfront Park. The wall was an instant hit and the experience was better than anything Carlee and Brian could have ever imagined. Later in March Brian & Carlee brought their wall up to Portland, Oregon and set it up for the day during the TEDxPortlandCondordia event on March 23rd. Again the wall was an instant connection with all who saw it. It truly is a wonderfully magical project. Our loving thoughts and deepest thank you go to the incomparable Candy Chang. <3

I want to tango in Rio.

I want to dent the universe.

I want to run a marathon on the Great Wall of China.

I want to see marriage equality.

I want to play with Abby.

I want to play with Abby.

I want to open a creative reuse center.

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