Madrid, Spain

We built this wall on july 23 in Madrid around the metro station “La Latina” in the place called “Campo de Cebada” in Toledo Street. This wall was made by ECHO team

I want to play in Real Madrid (Jugar en el Real Madrid).

I want to save the world (Salvar el mundo).

I want to be a grandfather (Ser abuelo).

I want to end poverty (Que acabe la pobreza).

I want to marry Javi... " " " marry Carmen (Casarme con Javi... casarme con Carmen).

I want to be super happy.

I want to know the true meaning of peace (saber el verdadero significado de paz).

I want to meet Johnny Depp (Conocer a Johnny Depp).

I want to write a book (escribir un libro).

I want to go to the moon (Ir a la luna).

I want to spend a lifetime with you (Pasar una vida entera contigo).

I want to travel the Caribbean (Viajar por el Caribe).

I want to Be more happy (Ser más feliz).

I want to enjoy life (Disfrutar de la vida).

I want to leave a story (Dejar una historia).

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