Guatemala City, Guatemala

We set up the wall on January 20th of 2013, in downtown Guatemala City, Guatemala, on 3rd Avenue corner of 13th Street, in the historic district.

The location is surrounded by schools,  a bus stop nearby and the property itself had been victim of invasion, robbery, vandalism and exterior graffiti, and remains empty as still others nearby are. We got a welcome permission to place the panels on the street side in front of three empty store windows of this empty building. It is only 3 blocks away from the main recently revitalized downtown 6th Avenue, now a pedestrian avenue leading to the central park, which the public administration authorities have worked hard to clean up, relocating the informal street vendors that had taken over the streets, the authorities are now promoting art in public spaces to attract new interest to the city’s downtown area.

The wall is what it is, as originally idealized by Candy Chang; a gift for public
nand anonymous expression of passersby and also to stimulate minds of those waiting
nfor the bus, something different for the public in this area. The wall has the
nvocation of reflecting the times and community where it is placed, therefore to
nus, it has also served the purpose of a thermometer to ‘measure’ the instincts
nand behaviors of the social environment in the locale.

We are happy to say we’ve found the experience and results a success! We have had very positive commentaries from people transiting the area. They are happy the Before I Die wall is there!

It was a pleasure to see, that in the first week, inspiring, positive and true dreams expressions on the wall averaged out to around 89% from about a total of 630 expressions, including many showing the thirst of the population to express itself: its desire for a change in the Country, with the hope that before dying, Guatemala be cleaned of the doom of violence and the smoke of guns.

Organized by Carlos Patal – Cesar Melendez Lemus – Clarita Conde Abad – Cristina Monge – Evelyn Conde Sharp – Los Fernandez: Isabel, Javier, Rebeca, Regina and friends Andrea, Luigi Abate, Luis De La Rosa and Regina Vaz de Carvalho.


Built by Carlos Patal, Cesar Melendez Lemus, Clarita Conde Abad, and friends

I want to color the world.

I want to invent something for humanity.

I want to see the end of so much ignorance.

I want to meet my goals, and that my memories live on, in the minds of those I love.

I want to Color the world.

I want to love me as I am.

I want to travel by train all over Guatemala.

I want to travel the world without a visa.

I want to do theater till my body collapses!!!.

I want to not to be killed.

I want to have a Rock Band.

I want to die laughing many many times.

I want to play on the piano a waltz by Chopin.

I want to see the end of so much ignorance.

I want to die laughing many many times.

I want to be with Alices in wonderland.

I want to walk without fear.

I want to be loved when I least deserve it because that's when I need it most.

I want to see God Bless you all.

I want to meet my goals, and that my memories live on, in the minds of those I love.

I want to make my home a 5 star (Antes de morir quiero mi hogar tenga 5 estrellas).

I want to live through to the next Baktun (Antes de morir quiero llegar al proximo Baktun).

I want to see stores without the iron bars in Guatemala (Antes de morir quiero ver las tiendas sin rejas en Guate).

I want to do the best I can (Antes de morir quiero hacer lo mejor que yo pueda).

I want to have the measure of my ambition at my arms length (Antes de morir quiero que mi ambicion tenga la justa medida del alcance de mis manos).

I want to tell you that I love you (Antes de morir quiero decir que te quiero).

I want to be the greatest pride of my mother --- Antes de morir quiero ser el maximo orgullo de mi madre.

I want to life not take away my dreams --- Antes de morir quiero que la vida no acabe con mis suenos.

I want to love you forever --- Antes de morir quiero vivir la vida entera amandote.

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