Daegu, South Korea

I was really impressed by Candy Chang’s TED talk and decided to install the wall in my city. The momet I got after watching the talk was just a few minutes, but it will be in my heart foever.

Daegu is my hometown, but I will move to another city, Gwangju, to study dentistry for several years. I wanted my neighbors to hold the chalks in front of the wll befoe I move, so they can share dreams and be thankful to their lives.

The wall was installed in the middle of “The Kim Kwang-suk Street” in Daegu, Korea. Mr.Kim was born in Daegu, and one of the most popular folk song singers in Korea, but he passed away at the age of 33. The street was oganized right beside “Bangchun marketplace” on November 2009, by artists and local traders to pay tribute to his life and work.

Several wall paintings, small art works, and his voice with songs in the street make visitors feel the calm and peace, and you can enjoy various stuff in the marketplace. More than those,  I really hope the people who stand in front of the wall can also have an invaluable moment.

@Address: Daebong 1 dong, Jung-gu, South Korea.

@Web: http://blog.naver.com/jjymind

I want to say "I LOVE YOU" and be with you.

I want to build a school and orphanage.

I want to go to the South Pole to dance with a baby penguin.

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