Georgia, USA

Built by Uptown Columbus, Artbeat of Columbus, and Columbus State University Art Department

March 2013

This Before I Die Wall was created to celebrate Artbeat 2013 – Arts in the Streets- a two week celebration of the Arts in Columbus, Georgia . The wall opens up a community dialogue that touches on the hopes and dreams of individuals as they strive towards their goals. As a military town, a college town, and a town with a rich history in the arts, we hope that the Before I Die Wall will bring different perspectives and dialog about life in our community.

Two walls were constructed, one painted on the walls of the now vacant Bradley Theater on Broadway, and the other built in Dinglewood Park in Midtown; both locations are surrounded by diverse neighborhoods and historic sites

The walls are important to Artbeat’s goals and what we hope to achieve in our arts community, there needs to be a dialogue with the public on what they want. They deserve access, and the ability to participate in creating this shared future- in essence we are saying “Before I Die, I want to bring Art to the people.”


I want to see these theaters alive again.

I want to understand the question.

I want to see me and my friends grow old together.

I want to see Congress get back to work.

I want to become a zombie.

I want to legally marry Yolanda.

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